·         PSALM 119:161-162

·         Jesus taught the Apostles, the Apostles poured into the church fathers…and on, and on…Moody taught Wiersbe, Wiersbe taught a lot of the Calvary pastors, who then taught the next generation.

o   There is a holy, awesome continuity

·         “I stand in awe of Your Word; I rejoice as one who has found a great treasure.”

o   What we have in our hands is a great treasure

o   Never ever ever forget it

·         By the time the Lord called Jason to go out, Calvary was no longer unique

o   There were many other ministries teaching the Word

o   Calvary had become mature, no longer cutting edge

·         The temptation he struggled with is to forget the sufficiency & the simplicity of the Holy Spirit illuminating the Holy Scriptures to the hearts of men

o   Not to try to find something else that might work…but wouldn’t be the Lord.

·         Mark 6:34 – Jesus was moved with compassion, because they were like sheep without a shepherd, and He taught them many things.

·         He has seen the Lord change a community by the teaching of the Word.

·         Not impressed with your church; you need to know how amazing the treasure the Word is.

·         Don’t get caught up in all the wisdom of church growth gurus

o   It’s not about facilities

o   It’s not about location

o   It’s not about methodology

o   It’s about the Spirit working through the Word.

·         “I know who I am, but I also know who He is.”

·         Challenge to younger pastors:

o   Modern fads of how to do ministry, get big churches

o   the sixties and seventies, the Word was enough, it’s not enough now…”

§  Don’t believe it.

§  It’s not personality

§  It’s not relevance

§  It’s not technology that changes peoples’ lives

§  It’s the Spirit ministering through the Word

§  It’s the Word, the Word, the Word.

·         Encouragement to the “old guys:  There are plenty of young men in the movement who have learned the lessons you’ve taught, and are clinging to the Spirit and the Word.

·         Pray things through.

o   It might be frustrating to some not to make decisions without praying, but pray things through.

·         If the Lord tarries, you know what’s going to happen at Calvary?

o   Should the Lord tarry, we’re going to keep teaching the Bible and depending on the Holy Spirit, until Jesus comes.

o   There is nothing else.