I am extremely miffed at myself – but I missed most of Brian’s session. I had a meeting that ran long at lunch, so I came in quite late.

What I’d heard of Brian’s message, however, was priceless.

The main points I’d heard:

  1. When sending out men to plant churches, send your best – the experienced ones – not the ones you think you can do without.
    1. Experience is needed, so that when hard things and hard times come, the man doesn’t fold – he’s seen God move similarly before.
  2. We must not get caught in a rut as a movement – be open to whatever the Spirit wants to do – our way is not necessarily the best way, be open to learn from others in the Body.

I can’t wait to get the MP3s of the conference so that I can hear Brian’s session in full.

I have the sneaking suspicion that his session will turn out to be the one that’s worth the price of admission.