Scott Cunningham leads worship during the afterglowBrian Brodersen shared that the guys who prayed for and planned this year’s conference really felt impressed by the Spirit that we need to spend quality, quantity time just waiting on the Lord and seeking His face. So the conference is deliberately set up with extended periods of non-planned-activity to give the Spirit room to move as He wills, extended time for fellowship, and a worship/afterglow time each and every evening.

Brian led this evening’s afterglow; Scott Cunningham led the worship.  Brian had us break up into groups of four to six guys and pray specifically for three areas of focus during three sessions of prayer interspersed with extended times of – quite simply – awesome worship.  The first prayer focus was for our familes and each other.  The second prayer time was for our ministries.  The third was truly awesome; Brian specifically asked us to pray for revival – not so much in Calvary Chapel, but for other ministries and movements that God is raising up, church planting movements outside of our own, that God would abundantly bless them, and to pray for the Body of Christ in all her messy glory, that the Lord would pour out His Spirit of grace on the entire Body, no matter what name is above the door, and that He would bring true revival in the nations.

I was renewed and awed by the presence of Jesus tonight.  I’m sitting in the Overflowing Cup typing this out mainly because I’m so jazzed I can’t actually sleep yet.