Breakfast at the Residence Inn After a great hot breakfast at the Residence Inn near CC Costa Mesa, we caught the second service – Pastor Brian Brodersen teaching from Judges.

Lunch at In-N-Out, then to Dodgers Stadium to catch a Dodgers-Braves game.  We left after the  9th inning to get to Murrieta at a reasonable time (the Dodgers had tied the game by that time, so it went to extra innings). If it was a hockey game going into OT, we’d have stayed.  In front of CC Costa MesaBut it was only baseball.  Come on – priorities, people.

At the stadium, I tried the Dodgerdog.

It was adequate.

Having had the stadium dogs at Cleveland (they use Hebrew National), all else just seems…adequate.

Next, the drive to Murrieta. It’s a real blast hanging with Roger, Ed, and Jim.

Dinner at a dive off of the campus, called Tacos Tijuana.

Now typing this out at the coffee shop on campus, after having just had a Skype video call with my wife and son whom I miss terribly.

Tomorrow, the actual conference begins.  I am stoked.

The worship team at CC Costa Mesa


In front of Dodgers Stadium you think Sean is surprised?