From the article “Why Condemn Israel But Not Iranian Government Brutality?

The European Left, the Democrats, the Liberals, the leaders of the West, all go rampant when Israel attacks the Gaza Strip. Where are they now? Why Obama, Blair, Sarkozy keep on sitting on the fence at the time that Iranian Regime is slaughtering protestors and crushing their basic right to be able to protest?

Tell me, where is everyone? To where have they vanished, all those who protested against Israel’s violence during Operation Cast, Lead or the Second Lebanon War, or Defense Shield or even the Hague when we were dragged there by our hair when we dared to try build a separation barrier between us and the suicide bomber? Here and there we see protests but they are mainly Iranian immigrants. In principle, Europe is calm and relaxed. Likewise, the USA. Here few dozens, there few thousands. What, they have vanished because it is Teheran, and not here?

UPDATE: It is truly mystifying to me that the same press and über-liberal religious leaders which condemned Israel for defending her civilians against the genocidal attacks of her sworn enemy are utterly – utterly silent unless forced to say something (though as little as they can get away with and hope that it all goes away eventually) when things like this happen.

And another thing: Keep in mind, these people (the Iranian regime which is putting down these pro-Democracy demonstrations so brutally) are the very people that Obama wants to make nice with.

UPDATE: Get this: not only does the Iranian government crack down on pro-Democracy demonstrators by shooting into the crowd, but they now say that the family of an innocent bystander murdered by Iranian police must pay the government for the privilege of retrieving his body, so that the government’s cost for the bullet which took their son’s life can be recouped.

Again: never forget, these people are the very ones Obama wants to sit down to tea and play footsie under the table with.