This was an extremely powerful session.  You need to get the MP3s.

Frank Drown was one of the missionaries who retrieved the bodies of Jim Eliot & his compatriots in the jungles of Ecuador.

·         To be a missionary, you must speak the language of the people you are sent to.

·         It was a tremendous experience to bring the Gospel to the headhunters of Ecuador (!)

o   Many of the headhunters have now turned into hearthunters, as they’ve become Christians, and they’re sharing now with their people.

·         Serve God with the best you’ve got – because what better can you do in this world?

·         There are more missionaries coming from other countries now than the U.S.

o   In fact, our country has gone downhill so much, that we are now missionaries to the great unreached people group of Americans.

o   So preach the Word!

·         Luke 9 is his text, starting in v.57

·         Doing God’s work is serious business – it’s not a play time thing

o   Because it means the difference between somebody going to Heaven or Hell!

·         The Scripture says that there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved – there is no salvation outside of Jesus, so we need to tell people about Him because if they haven’t heard, they are lost!

·         What am I willing to endure to bring Jesus to people!

·         God prepares His vessels for His work.

o   Sometimes I think I’m going to go train to be a pastor or a missionary – but God’s not that foolish – He starts preparing us waaaay back before that.

o   God knows what He needs to prepare us

o   And His purposes are good!

o   He knows right where He’s going to put you.

·         “Now you fellas here in America, you’re a bunch of whimps…” (everybody laughed, it was very lighthearted – especially since he’s American)

·         You might have to change your culture to reach people for Jesus?

o   You have to know your people where God sends you

o   Then you have to learn how to talk to them

o   So that you can bring them to Jesus.

·         We might need to change our lifestyle to reach Jesus

o   We might have to {gasp} sacrifice.

·         God’s gonna tell you where to go – He knows best where you’ll fit!

o   Thank God, therefore, you are what you are!

o   And serve Him where He places you!

·         Americans:  “We’re not petting the kitty the wrong way – let the kitty turn around!”

o   That’s not the way it works.

o   Some Europeans speak four languages

·         Don’t choose the easy way out – choose the tough places

o   Don’t ask God for a big church – ask God for a small one!

o   Don’t ask God for an easy church – ask God for a hard one!

o   For how else are you going to find out how big God is!

·         Monkey meat doesn’t taste all that bad – especially the arm (you have to get the MP3s, I’m telling you…this guy is precious…)

·         If the culture doesn’t make a dent on you, you won’t make a dent on the culture.

o   You will be changed – and if you learn the culture, you’ll be productive.

·         Give your “last full measure of devotion.”

o   It costs to serve Jesus

o   It cost Jesus to leave His home to come down and serve us.

o   Wherever He wants us to be, that’s where we want to be.

·         Story of the chief who was speaking back to the loudspeaker.

·         (The MP3s are worth just to hear him relate the story of how Eliot & the missionaries met the natives and their death…and how the other missionaries tried to lead a rescue…)

o   (the moment he relates the point where he realized that the group was dead…)

o   (when he begins to retrieve the bodies of his friends from the river…)

o   “Thank God for these men, who gave their lives to bring the Gospel to these Indians…watch over them, until the Resurrection.”

o   “Those men preached to the world, to give a sacrifice of themselves, so that they could give the Gospel to the people.”

o   It’s not up to us to decide how we are going to serve, or when we are going to die; it’s up to us to obey.

o   Our lives are in the hands of Almighty God, and He can do with us as He pleases – and we have to know that, and trust Him.

§  This one sacrifice, planted seed, produced a harvest of thousands of missionaries who were inspired to be willing to live and give their lives to bring Jesus to people.

§  And today, there are fifty churches among the Indians who killed Eliot & his fellows.

·         The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church

§  When Frank & Jim stands before the Lord on the last day, he won’t be alone – there will be thousands of the Indians who have come to love the Lord through their sacrifice.

·         We need to give our lives to the Lord.  Do His will, and rejoice in the life He has given you.