Oh…my…goodness…Nate’s session was worth the price of admission.

Joshua 5

  • Joshua takes over from a powerful, popular leader.
  • God led them through the Jordan
    • God often does that – leads us in, but also cutting off the way of escape.
  • After the mass circumcision, and all the men are incapacitated, Joshua considers Jericho.
  • It was by Jericho,as he was considering the huge problem, that he lifted his eyes and saw the Commander of the Lord’s Army.
  • As I am standing next to Jericho, so is He.
    • With His army – not with ours.
  • Josh fell at His feet – his responsibility was to worship.
    • The weight, the burden isn’t upon me, it’s upon Him, and my responsibility is just to seek Him & worship.
    • To practice His presence.
  • The Lord gives the victory. Our resp. is just to seek Him.