I’d have taken a lot more notes with Robert (he’s one of my favorites)…but lunch was tritip BBQ steak, and I was zoning out real bad.

But here’s what I’ve got:

  • God placed His word in our hands and asks us to handle it properly.
    • He hasn’t called us to be the hippest
  • We have been entrusted with something so life-changing.
  • I wonder if we have a good understanding of the privilege we have been given.
  • No church packaging ever died for anybody.
  • Properly handle the Word of God – don’t get distracted.
  • There’s so many people that need ministering to, don’t waste time arguing.
  • Arguing is like clapping off-beat.
  • Be diligent:
    • To make sure you’re approved to God
    • To rightly divide the word of Truth.
  • If the first sense makes sense, don’t come up with any other sense, or else you’ll come up with nonsense.