Gary’s session – wow.  I’d have taken a lot more notes, but I was too busy listening. His session was…amazing. Convicting, encouraging…

This brother has gone through the crucible. His session was such a massive blessing for me, because he, having gone through so much, is still faithfully plowing. Very huge encouragement for me.

This is going to sound like a litany, but – get the MP3.


  • We must be willing to suffer.
  • Timothy ministered in a time much like our own.
  • In all things, show yourself a pattern of good works.
  • Paul, instead of coddling Tim, gave him a challenge to buck up & stand strong for the truth of the Gospel.
  • Gideon’s men, the impossible odds simply steeled their hearts.
  • Fervent disciples are those who are steeled by the challenges.
  • There is a kind of suffering unique to pastoral ministry, to those who preach the Gospel.
    • Paul tells Tim: You will have times when you feel isolated in a crowd, so alone…but it’s worth it.
  • Get burned, & we gain a tendency to pull back, become isolated, less transparent or vulnerable – fight that tendency!
  • Jeremiah was in ministry – and misery – for forty years.
    • God called Jeremy to buck up.
  • Why does the farmer suffer – for the privilege of being the first to partake of the sweet fruit.
  • 2 reasons to just press on:
    • 1. Remember the Lord
    • 2. Remember the elect