Mark “Blankety-blank” Driscoll comments on Time Magazine’s having named New Calvinism the third biggest idea that is changing the world at this particular time.

He then names four ways in which “New Calvinism” differs from “Old Calvinism.”

I couldn’t help but to comment on his fourth point:

Old Calvinism was fearful and suspicious of other Christians and burned bridges. New Calvinism loves all Christians and builds bridges between them.


Like calling non-Calvinists “Semi-Pelagian.”  That builds lots of bridges, to say nothing of goodwill.  I feel incredibly loved.


Seriously, I’ve said it before, I dig Driscoll.

But he’s got something a bit stronger than “intentional cultural relevance” in his pipe if he thinks he’s building bridges with us poor, unwashed Semi-Pelagian peasants…