obamanation5 Romans 13 is clear: if we are to be Biblically faithful Christians, we must pray for our leaders.

And that doesn’t mean, “pray that Air Force One has an…ah…mishap…while the Messiah is embarked thereupon…” either.

It means to pray for our leaders for wisdom, protection, and that we can as Christians live quiet and peaceable lives.

I’ll be perfectly honest: President Obama terrifies me on several levels. In just the first few days, he undid all the pro-life and pro-national-security work that the Bush administration took eight years to build and protect, and proceeded to pay back his political allies with several über-liberal executive orders.

And that’s just the beginning, folks.

While Senator McCain’s economic plan was irresponsible and unworkable (read: really bad), Obama’s is either a nightmare of Cecil B. DeMillean proportions or the manifestation of a Keynesian’s wildest hopes and dreams (read: really really bad), depending on how historically and economically literate you happen to be.

Even so, we are commanded to pray for the president and his family.

I’ll be transparent and point out that along with praying for his health, safety, and prosperity, I do pray that, ultimately, his contrabiblical policies fail.  Hey, sorry, dude – I love my country.  I’d like to still have one to bequeath to my son one day.

All that said, there are reasons to be very optimistic and joyful, even over the next four years.  And if you need help coming up with reasons to be thankful for Obama’s inauguration, I give you Erik Raymond’s “5 Reasons I am thankful during Barack Obama’s Inauguration

Good, great stuff there.