• One of the best books on Serving in the Bible.
  • Nehemiah – faithful in the small things, entrusted with more.
  • We learn from Nehemiah also about vision.
  • Nehemiah saw God working where nobody else did.
  • A great book on leadership.
  • I am a true influencing leader when I help people see the Lord.
  • How do I see the city/community I’m called to…?
  • Nehemiah longed to see what God would do for His people.
  • God’s call for ministry starts with a man’s heart.
    • If the concern is missing, the calling is probably missing, too.
    • It’s hard to “sell” a vision; it’s much better to receive one.
  • God’s calling will often be revealed by what breaks my heart.
  • If I’m not weeping over the ruins, I can’t rebuild the walls, & I won’t stay long.
    • The most successful ministries are those overseen by those who have a heart for them.
  • Instead of yelling at the Lord how big the storm is, yell at the storm how big God is.