Chris Ortiz of the Chalcedon Foundation weighs in on the controversy of the fact that Palin is a girl.

Chalcedon is unapologetically complementarian – as am I.  So his take is very interesting – and largely correct:

If at this point you’re asking yourself, “So, Chris, do you think a woman can be a civil magistrate?,” you have missed my point. The important issues regarding saving the American system have little do with the gender of a vice-presidential candidate. We have much bigger fish to fry, and if spend too much time harping on what the Bible says women can do, the less our constituencies will hear and understand about the threat of statism.

For the record: I am exceedingly excited about the Palin vice presidency and ultimate presidency.  Prior to her being named McCain’s running mate, I was voting third party (Constitution Party). Now that Palin’s “the man,” the entire equation, for me, has dramatically changed.  With her on the ticket, the difference between the two dueling dynamic duos could not be more stark – to the point where when relatively prominent Christian leaders feign neutrality and claim to be “undecided” makes me wonder if their thinkboxes are fully engaged.

Either vote for Candidate A because you believe he’ll solve all your problems and make all your pain go away (and be unequivocally the single most gleefully bloodthirsty pro-death candidate in the history of the republic), or vote for Candidate B because a reasonable resolution to the Iraq sitch is better than wholesale capitulation, a reduction in government is a good thing, and – oh, by the way – he’s rabidly pro-life and ultimately the lives of millions of innocent children trumps all other considerations.

Yes, I’m a one-issue voter, when the issue is so inexpressibly momentous as the pro-life/pro-death contention.

Anyway, read Ortiz’s blogpost.