Keep in mind…these are just my raw notes

  • Part of our armor is not being ignorant of the enemy’s devices
  • N.A. no longer referring to themselves as the “New Age”
    • Instead: the “New Spirituality”
    • …the “Alternative Spirituality”
  • Eph. 5:12-13
  • “Take heed unto yourselves and unto the flock”
  • M. Scot Peck ( I do remember him…)
  • Problem of “contemplative prayer”: no warnings about testing the spirits
  • Warren’s encouragement: be careful
  • “The ECM seems to think it has a handle on helping people.”
  • Stereotype of Bible-believers: ‘oh, I’m just waiting for Armageddon to come.”
  • For antichrist to have credibility, he would need to have a lot of people calling themselves Christians giving him credibility
  • Tony Jones calls Mat. 24 Jesus’ “harrangue”
  • It all comes down to the Cross of Calvary
  • Acts 16:16 – there are divining spirits
  • “It was like a ‘reverse sinner’s prayer’.”
  • “It was meant to be – but meant to be by whom…?”
  • Is the devil entirely predictable?
  • There is coming a false world peace (true, dat)
  • “Atonement” in the N.A. is the realization that I am a part of God
  • “We have an adversary – let’s make sure he doesn’t get in.”
  • N.A. is saying if you don’t recognize your own divinity, you’re a hindrance.
  • ECM – “We have a hope-filled eschatology!”
    • …well whoopdie-do. (I really liked that, to be honest.)
  • “There is no more effective method of concealment than publishing it (what you want to
    conceal) openly.”
  • A Return To Love – really first book in Oprah’s book club
  • “Self-centeredness” in the N.A. is in not recognizing you’re God.
    • Oneness vs. Separation
    • “Separation” is when you don’t believe in your own divinity.
  • The Aquarian Conspiracy – (I remember that book)
  • Teilhard deChardin
  • Eric Butterworth: The Power Within You.
  • Warren believes Oprah has a zeal for God (directly implying she’s not evil), but according
    to her own wisdom.
  • There’s a lot of N.A.’ers who used to be evangelical Christians
  • The Beautiful Side Of Evil
  • Alice Bailey – Emergence, used over 1000 times