My battery died a cruel death before Dr. Ice took the stage, and I didn’t have any paper to take notes the way the ancients used to.

So, I shall summarize.

Basically, I was impressed with Dr. Ice’s presentation – but then again, I have always liked him. He’s pretty cool for a Baptist.

Yes, Telos; that was a joke.

Many still don’t like that Calvary Chapel stands solidly and unapologetically on the Blessed Hope; too bad.

One of the things I very much appreciated was the sampling of pre-Darby immanence statements; for those of my fellow brothers-in-arms who didn’t get to make it this year (and are still okay with being part of “our tribe,” whatever that’s supposed to mean), get the DVDs and watch this presentation.

He’s not the scholar that Walvoord was but – who is?

The “busload” graphic, though, was worth the price of admission.

I very much also appreciated that Ice stayed for the afterglow. Very impressed.