So most of my brothers-in-arms are in the workshops currently.

I can wait for the MP3s for the workshop sessions for today.

So I head back, drawn like Mark “Blankety-Blank” Driscoll to controversy, to the Overflowing Cup.

Robert Hall (who was once a Lieutenant on my ship, the USS Horne – also here – but long before I came onboard in 1992) pretty much literally knocked me out of line just as I reached the front and was ready to order…and then cruelly absconded with my bill, paying for me.

The cad.

I sit down to check e-mail,
upload my notes for David Rosales’ session (which, by the way, blew my mind – this is one that the servanthood at CC Lakeshore will listen to, definitely), enjoy my Lieutenant-bough-mocha, realize that MySpace is blocked here so I can’t update that until I get back to the lodge, and see, sitting across from me, also skipping school the workshop sessions, Tim “Doulos” Burns.

Sitting at the table directly to my left is Dennis Agajanian, encouraging a young lady who wants to get into professional music. He doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “inside voice,” so I can’t help but to overhear…and be tremendously blessed.

Other than the fact that I miss my wife & son something fierce, and that I can’t believe I haven’t gone into the hot pools yet, it’s a pretty good day so far…