My lovely and gracious wife was text-messaging me an ongoing play-by-play of the game – I absolutely adore that woman.

Anyway, the Wings just went up 3-2 with 10 minutes left in regulation when I shut off the phone for Bob Caldwell’s session. So you can imagine the cry of anguished fury when the session was over, I turned the phone back on and – the Pens tied it up with 34 seconds left in regulation.


But while I was in the Overflowing Cup, with NHL.COM loaded up and listening to the game online while on the phone with my wife during the last bit of the second and all of the third overtime periods, I did get to hang with Chad Myhre and Centorian, from The Blog Of Which We Do Not Speak.

However, I had to run the gauntlet all the way back to Lakeside Lodge, with loving and gracious pastors (especially the dudes from Colorado – you know who you are…) heckling my every, stunned step.

I did get to chat with Bill Walden on my way back to the lodge, who was marinating in the Roman Spa. He’s a good brother.

It’s all good, though. I really think my wife was more disappointed in the outcome of the game than I was.

Did I mention how much I adore that woman…?

Right now, two of my roomates are synchronized-snoring. I’m fighting the powerful temptation to walk over to one/both of them and put their hands in warm water or dab some shaving cream on their hands or something equally mature and pastorial.

…must…fight urge to…be a…punk…

Lurking on The Blog Of Which We Do Not Speak, and heading to sleep myself.

I miss my wife and son.

Did I mention how much I adore her…?