‘S’been a while, so to break the monotony of no posting, here’s some pics of my baby boy.

While I was working at my day-job-to-support-my-habit, my lovely and gracious wife, taking the Bible’s admonition to “train up a child in the way he should go” took our son to an exhibition hockey game with the Detroit Red Wings. The Wings were signing autographs… you know; sweaters (…that’d be “jerseys” for the un-hockey-ed masses who might not otherwise know), sticks, books…

My boy was born with a club foot. As part of the treatment, he wore a cast for the first five weeks of his life. My wife, when she got to the head of the line for autograph signing, handed our boy over so the players could sign his cast.

This pic is of Tomas Holmstrom penning his John Hancock on my boy’s cast.

Five other wings, including Ozzie and Lilja also got their names immortalized on my boy’s cast.

After the signing, wife and son enjoyed the exhibition game.