Again, taking a cue from the oft-pretentious, semi-narcissistic blog-offerings from many in the ECM (like “Phriday is Phor Photos”, where the ECMmer shows his sensitive, arts-and-croissants side)…

…I give you a list of articles I’ve been reading recently which have piqued my interest, in no particular order whatsoever, and likely of no lasting value, either.

  • This article about the need for space settlements to mitigate human nature and make war a thing of the past (yep; worked real well when the Old World colonized the New, now didn’t it…? Just can’t outrun that darned sin nature, no matter how far we run…)
  • One about a new drug to delete bad memories. I dunno, I’m with Captain Kirk on this one; it’s our experiences – good and bad – which make us what we are…
  • And in the “Resistance Is Futile” department, it appears that Windows Vista is the mark of the Beast – or, at least, Medium-Sized Brother…
  • GREEEEEAAAAAAAAT article by the Persecuted Church Weblog, “But Is It Biblical?”
  • Brian MacLaren’s online annotation of a CT article. Yes, he’s gracious. But to quote the premise of the previous article, “but is he Biblical…?” Again – as with just about everything else in the ECM, self-rebutting…
  • A rebuttal by LiftPort about the subject of making a space elevator – very similar to the “Beanstalk” of 2300AD
  • Interesting concept of a steam-powerd car
  • Babylon 5 The Lost Tales trailer has been posted
  • More tantalizing stuff on Quantum Teleportation
  • Some neat tricks to teach Windows XP
  • Linux Journal discusses Open Source 2.0
  • A possible solution to the black hole information loss paradox
  • Seven Benefits to being a Bivocational Pastor

So, there you have it. Rock on.