This offering from our friends at the ever, ever-increasingly appropriately named “Open Source Theology” blog (an ECM group-blog) is a stellar example of the state of Emergent-type epistemology. I believe the opening paragraph says it all:

In 10 principles for reading the Bible in a postmodern context, Andrew proposes that contributors to an emerging post-evangelical theology adopt Principle 2 – “Let’s pretend it’s not inerrant.” He suggests that we “set aside claims to the predetermined inerrancy and sanctity of the Bible, at least insofar as such claims force upon us standards of truthfulness that conflict with criteria of thought that we are not prepared to abandon in other areas of discourse (scientific, historical, literary, social, etc.).” Adopting Principle 2 “allows us to read the Bible as the unbeliever reads it; it helps to defamiliarise the Bible for us, which will be an essential aspect of the deconstruction process…” In the Genesis 1 as True Myth post we’ve been trying to make literal sense of the Biblical creation narratives. What if instead we were to read Genesis 1-3 in light of Principle2?

As with everything else I’ve read from OST, the post requires no rebuttal; it’s self-rebutting.

…and some ECMmers wonder why us iggnit’ nukkle-draggin konsirvuhtivs get the willies when reading their stuff…