This podcast is not from the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Calvary Chapel cabal who meanly dislike a certain Purposefully Driven Pastor and other such things… it’s not even from Chucky Missler, Roger Oakland, or any of the other individuals many love to… not love so much. It’s from (drum roll, please) the Chalcedon Foundation, a group of stark raving pinko-Commie Calvinists who very much believe in “engaging culture” (just not in the way that the ECM likes to think of “cultural engagement”).

Being a Calvary Chapel dude, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Chalcedon’s positions (primarily their ecclesiology, soteriology, or eschatology); but I like listening to this podcast. It’s good to listen to those you don’t agree with – keeps you sharp and helps prevent you from ossifying in an intellectual cul-de-sac. So I subscribe to the Chalcedon podcast (as well as some others I don’t agree with on much – like Driscoll, some Bell, etc.).

So I found it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally fascinating to hear Chalcedon’s take on these things…

…I wonder how long it’s going to be before the ones who got down on Ken Graves for his off-the-cuff, not-very-charitable, yet-not-really-that-far-off-base-it-turns-out verbal backslap upside Reverend “Syria’s A Great Nation!” 40-Days Dude’s head two Murrieta Conferences ago start lighting into Chalcedon…?

Let me make a prediction: They won’t. Chalcedon’s not as easy a target as Calvary Chapel because – let’s be honest – they’re not that interesting..