This is great. Much as I wax narcoleptic at the repetitively redundant phrase, “Gospel-Driven Church,” which is just as redundant as “Born-Again Christian” (is there any other kind…?), this post of new theses for the modern church is utterly, utterly priceless. I’m printing them out and putting them in our church bulletin over the next few Sundays (which is rather apropos, given that we’re going through the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches)…

BTW… kudos to y’all who got the oblique reference to the seminal Depeche Mode single, in this blogpost’s title, there.

Also, kudos to Mike Newnham, who I borrowed/stole this from – he posted on it first.

I say “kudos” because I haven’t a clue what “HT” is supposed to mean. I’ve been trying to figure that out after seeing it on blog after blog after blog…

  • Here There…?
  • Hot Tuesday…?
  • High Tower…?
  • Hyper Thread…?
  • Hren and Thtimpy…?
  • Hoopie Thloopie…?

…hence, “kudos”, which definition I know.

My personal favorites from the list:

10. If the entirety of your churchy desires consists of filling a seat to experience a good service, you are not a congregant in a church but a consumer at a concert.

11. What you win people with is what you win them to.
Win people with flash, spectacle, presentation, etc., and that’s what you win them to. Don’t be surprised if, like all consumers and what attracts them, they eventually get tired and move on to the next attraction. Don’t be surprised if, provided they remain, they continually request more, better, higher . . . (Mike: Boy, ain’t that the truth…

17. A church’s success should be neither entirely nor primarily measured by its attendance. Also, a church’s growth should not be entirely or primarily measured numerically. (Mike: The author qualifies this in the next thesis so that you “Church Fruitfulness Is Nickels And Noses” types who are begining to infec–er, enter the Calvary Movement don’t get too bent out-of-shape…)

Good stuff. Read the post.

UPDATE: BrianD, of From The Ashes, has clued me in that “HT” means “Hat Tip.”

Sweet. My knowledge groweth. Soon, I can take over the wor—-er, what’s that, Pinky…? Snarf…