Tuesday, I asked who y’all thought a Statement of Purposes and Principles came from. The dudes who answered were basically split between #4 (an Emerging Community) and #5 (None of the Above).

Good guesses.

And the reason why I asked the pop quiz question, is because it sure does sound absolutely indistinguishable from an Emergent kind of drivel–er, that is, Statement of Purposes and Principles. I’d say, “Doctrinal Satement,” but that’s too bourgeoisie and consumerist to be ECMmish.


But no, those who guessed “None of the Above” are – absolutely correct.

The Statement of Purposes and Principles comes from a local Unitarian Universalist congregation.

In case you don’t recognize the term “Unitarian Universalist,” I give you some of the latest stuff from their website: