You’ve seen the commercials:

Tragically Hip Emergent-type Dude: Hi, I’m a Mac.

Über-geek in a suit: And I’m a PC.

Emergent Mac Dude: Hey, PC, did you know that I’m way cooler-er than you and nobody likes you because you’re a dweeb?


Now, I say that all tongue-in-cheek. I readily admit that the Mac platform is, and always has been, inherently superior. The kernel of the OS is UNIX; can’t go wrong there. The software “just works.” It’s very stable. And the canard that “there’s just more out there for the PC” is exactly that. Especially with the new Intel-based Macs which can run the Evil Empire’s OS and software better than Wintel boxes can.

Macs are better than PCs.

If I didn’t have to take out a second mortgage on my small yet tiny house to buy one, I would.

But since I can’t, I can get the next best thing (which many would argue is actually the actual best thing, since it’s open source – I am sympathetic to that argument). Linux is a UNIX-like OS which is also über-stable, and has the advantage of having an entire cornucopia of options for windowing managers, desktop environments, and far broader hardware support (which can also be its Achilles’ Heel, given the closed-system approach of Macs, which contribute greatly to the systems’ stability, but I partially digress).

The Linux distro that I use is Mandriva… but I’m likely going to be making the leap to Ubuntu shortly.

Very shortly.

In the mean time, my Bloglines feed notified me that Slashdot has announced that the KDE Group has released a beta version of their K Desktop Environment – which is my favorite (I’m no huge fan of GNOME). In many ways, I like KDE better than the MacOS interface – way better.

So, this is hugely good news for me.

It’s like CHRISTmas… in August…