Alrighty, then…  looks like Vee from the Living Journey blog went and “tagged” me.


And I mean that “ergh” in the most godly, joyful way possible.  I just have no idea how to answer these sorts of things…

Sooooooo… the “tag” goes as thus:

The rules are as follows … I have to post 8 things about myself that no-ones knows about. And then tag 8 fellow bloggers.

I can do the first part, if I try reeeeeeally hard, but as for the second… don’t know if I’ll be able to pull that off – ‘cept to start by back-tagging Vee, which I’m certain breaks not only the rules of tag but also likely would initiate some sort of recursive causality thing which would violate several principles of quantum fluctuation… so we’ll skip that part.

So, to my List Of Eight (…sounds so very The Postmanish…)

  1. I was a painfully introverted and quiet child – right up until puberty.  Then, all testosterone broke loose.
  2. I was raised a New Ager (i.e., Episcopalian), converted to Nichiren Buddhism during my teen years, slipped into general agnosticism, then outright cynicism – then surrendered to Jesus.
  3. I actually have two “tentmaking” jobs – one as an engineer/CNC programmer, and one as an instructor for CAD/CAM software and CNC operation.  And I’m a pastor.  Makes for some reeeeeeeeeeeeally long days/weeks.  Like this last one.
  4. I have never understood pastors who say they “need a break.”  Need a break from what, exactly?  To me, that’s like needing a break from being a husband, or a father.  I don’t get it.
  5. I am a huge procrastinator.  Or at least, I will be tomorrow.  I don’t have the energy to procrastinate today.
  6. The whole “three-zat-shot” thing is really unrealistic.  I mean, seriously.
  7. I think Dominik Hasek is a great goalie.  He needs a shock-collar to keep him in the crease, but he’s a great goalie.  However, my favorite goalie isn’t a Wing; he’s a Devil.
  8. My wife – my lovely and gracious wife – can cook.  Consequently, though I was a size 32 waist on our wedding day, I am now… ah… larger.  Ahem.  However, I couldn’t care less; she still lets me stay here in our small yet tiny house.  However, I still spend about a half hour on the death machine about three times a week because high blood pressure runs – nay, gallops in my family.  Plus, I get to listen to MP3s of Bible studies from other guys, covering the chapters we’ll be covering on the following Thursday or Sunday.   Also, I really love it when I stop.

Soooo, that’s it.

Lame, I know, but there you go.