It seems to be the hep-cat-yo-dog-g*money-cool thing to do, if you want to be culturally relevant and all Emerging and all that deconstructive jazz, to periodically post a somewhat pretentious cataolog of stuff… and name it something along the lines of “Music Monday,” or “Phriday is for Photos,” or “Wednesday is for Wookies,” or something along those lines.

Sorry, dudes; couldn’t come up with anything snazzy to rhyme with “Tuesday.” Doh.

But, in the interest of keeping up with the ECM Joneses, and given that it’s been a while since my normally loquacious self has posted anything (I have a really good excuse – but more on that later), here’s a smattering of blogposts and newsitems which have caught my attention over the span of the last few weeks, in no particular order…

Well, that’s it for now, kids. It’s late, I have to drive in to Grand Rapids tomorrow for Day Two of my new “day job to support my habit.”

Rock on.