While walking through the mall here at Temecula (“The Promenade”… made me think of Deep Space Nine the whole time… such a geek…) we made our way to the C28 store. We were there because someone had given out some “pastor discount” cards at the coffee shop there on the Conference Center for it, and since we have just about a day to kill before our red-eye flight out back to the Glorious West Coast of Michigan, we stopped there to buy things for our wives. While in there, we got chatting with the manager on duty, a sister named Denise.

At least, I think that’s the spelling.


Long story short, she prayed for my wife (who suffers from tremendous back pain) and for the possibility of adoption that may or may not pan out in the next few months for us, and we prayed for her for selling her cabin and getting a good home in Temecula for her and her kids.

So, I post this here to ask y’all to please pray for Denise.

Rock on.