…and by “outward bound,” I of course mean, “stuck in Grand Rapids.”

One of the joys of modern travel is flight delays – and the domino affect thereof, which includes flight cancellations. I think I stood in line at the ticket counter when my flight out to O’Hare was canceled, in order to get another flight (which might still get canceled) about three times a s long as the flight to Chicago lasts to begin with.


However, I got to meet some interesting people in line – including Art, Jr., who’s flying out to New Jersey to be with his 80+ year-old father who’s very ill. He didn’t have a phone to make a flight change, so I lent him mine, and thereby got to know him a bit. I told him that I’d remember to pray for his pop, Art, Sr., so I’m posting this both to remind me later to follow up on that promise, and to ask all my readers (you know… both of you…) to pray for Art, too.

This has got to be an awesome conference that God’s got planned, here; lots of spiritual warfare and plain old obstacles leading up to this, here… I’m tired, exhausted, and otherwise worn out already, and I haven’t even left Michigan yet; but I’m also excited to see what the Lord’s going to do.