I keep track of many streams of information via tools like Bloglines. I only get to really skim a lot of the stuff that I keep tabs on – it’s a lot of information. Mostly blogs, some news sites…

Some of the webthings I’ve bookmarked in del.icio.us for more in-depth perusal when I have the time, and which I present here for y’all’s consideration:

  • Next-Wave
    • Online newszine for the Emerging/Emergent Church.
    • If you want a better understanding of the current thinking in the ECM, this is a tremendously good resource.
    • I’ve found that the contributors cover a good portion of the range of what is considered “Emerging,” though in general sits right in the center (ever-shifting as that center might be).
    • Note: It’s good to read stuff from dudes you might not agree with, as that serves the twin functions of keeping yourself sharp, and makes it more difficult for you to fall for mischaracterizations. The ECM is the “hot topic” du jour, so I make sure to read their stuff so that I really can say I understand it.
      • …again, as much as something as fluid as the ECM can be understood…
  • Open Source Theology
    • Another ECM site, and…
    • …a more appropriately – and instructively – named blog I have never found.
    • Warning: This one leans waaaaaaaaaaaay over to the far left, theologically. One of the longer-running threads is titled (I kid you not) “Genesis as True Myth”.
    • ’nuff said.
  • Dan Kimball is one of the leading ECMmers that I actuallly appreciate. Theologically conservative to the core, and with a really wacked out hairdo, to boot. My kinda guy.
    • In this post, he lays out his “here’s my non-negotiables” list and then pleads for more patience and charity in the whole… ah… “conversation” thing, there…
  • A good blogpost by Stand To Reason regarding public prayer

And in the “not-directly-theology-related” category, I have bookmarked: