Another exmaple of the practice of the religion of peace – as the mainstream news media and politicos here in the U.S. (especially the party currently in power in the House of Representatives) continue to insist Islam really is.

I can’t help but notice that whenever a Christian looks cross-eyed at a Qur’an or doesn’t show proper deference to Mohammad, or whenever someone in a free press environment draws a clever cartoon lampooning the reality of Mohammadism, the Islamic world erupts into a furor of rioting and protest.

…but as long as it’s just three Christians who are slowly, grotesquely butchered (in the name of Allah), all is well.

The double-standard is glaring.

I predict that no prominent Muslim will loudly decry this atrocity. I further predict that the Christian world will not riot, burn cars, threaten to blow up Mosques, etc., etc., etc.

The three men who died for trying to share Jesus with their fellow man are martyrs, heroes of the faith, and examples of giving the last full measure. They are to be honored, their widows and orphaned children are to be prayed for and supported in any way we as their brothers and sisters in Christ can. The wife of one of the martyrs has called for forgiveness for the men who vivisected her husband – echoing the words that Jesus spoke as the Roman soldiers were in the process of driving cruel spikes into His wrists as they crucified Him – “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

The men who perpetrated this unspeakably wicked, overtly demonic atrocity in the name of Allah are to be prayed for. May God grant them repentance.