I ran across this actually last year, but realized that I haven’t actually posted it to the blog yet.

Here is a post over at Apologetics Index with a tongue-in-cheek handy little “Emergent-to-English” glossary.

Tee hee.

And in case someone (else) wants to beat the breast and bemoan the mean-spiritedness of those of us who are self-confessedly outside the ECM having the temerity to examine it and come to differing conclusions, especially using the vehicle of tongue-in-cheek humor, I give you this oldie-but-goodie blogpost by the Altitudinous Twiggy New Zealander RE: my own Calvary Chapel Movement.

The hue and cry of ECMmers about non-ECM-types chuckling at some of the sillier aspects of their movement falls awfully flat when held up alongside similar ECM treatments of non-ECM movements (like CC).

Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle…