There are many over yonder on the… ah… progressive side of the church, who really really really wish that mean-spirited “Religious Right” would just go away and curl up with a nice, smooth latte; just today, I read on another blog from a dude I respect but have been disagreeing with more and more in recent days that he’s slipping more and more towards the Dark Side.

Blatant political activism by the church is distasteful to me – and that was when it was conservative political activism. All this “happy shiny people holding hands” neoliberal semimarxist out-and-out socialist activism that’s become vogue with the rise of the pomo church is beyond distasteful.

Weeeeeeeell, our good buddies over at Chalcedon have a thing or two to say about that.

You know, for a bunch of stark raving pinko commie Calvinists, with really goofy Pollyanna eschatology, sometimes they just make sense…