Here’s and article about a “Postmodern Bible Version,” The Lost Spiritual World – which I pray is never taken seriously.

A quote from a promotional YouTube video about the new take on the Bible:

He was born in a manger a long time ago – not to a virgin – but to a gorilla. What’s so funny? Who did you expect his ancestors to look like, Tom Cruise?

But wait. I’m not making fun of Jesus. I’m not mocking religion. In fact, from the deepest wellspring of my heart, I’m despairing something we’ve lost in our scientific culture.

Yes, if Jesus was alive today, he would understand that his ancestors, just like ours, were beasts.

No, he wouldn’t run around claiming he was born of a virgin.

And, brilliant rabbi that he was, he would likely ask us to understand the miracle stories metaphorically – as morality tales – but certainly not as literal truth.

Ahhhhhhhh… yeah.

This take on the Bible is being billed as “postmodern” – and while it is very much that, it has nothing at all to do with the Emerging/Emergent Church (aka, “Pomo Xianity”).

The ECM has its own problems; but I have a hard time seeing even über-liberals like MacLaren, Bell, and McKnight endorsing this.