One of the more pretentious claims of the ECM is that of being the movement that carries the banner of restoring community to the church.

The Chalcedon Foundation is no friend of the ECM. To be fair, it is no friend of Calvary Chapel, either… in fact, it’s no friend to evangelicalism in general. Their cause is to “press the crown rights of King Jesus into every sphere of life,” in a very self-consciously Reconstructionist, Calvinist, Postmillennarian, theonomic way.

R. J. Rushdoony became recognized as the Father of modern Reconstructionism. His works are essential reading to understand modern postmil thought, theonomy, and of course Reconstructionism.

This is an article in which Rushdoony comments on community and Marxism, which I find very interesting in light of the ECM trend to soft-pedal socialistic tendencies (e.g., McKnight’s coming out in favor of centralized government and wealth redistribution – keep in mind that McKnight is a highly regarded ECMmer, and is viewed by many of the less discerning as being “moderate”).