Peter-John Courson – son of Jon Courson – has posted a review of Brian MacLaren’s book A Generous Orthodoxy.

As anyone who’s read this blog over the last year knows, I don’t much care for MacLaren, believe he’s potentially one of the most wacked out guys in modern Christendom, which makes him all the more potentially lethal given his inordinate popularity.

However, PJC starts his blogpost with a very important premise that I sometimes forget and often need to be reminded of:

Eat the meat and spit out the bones. As true for Brian McLaren’s books as Luther’s.

…good point.

I maintain that MacLaren’s got precious little meat in there, but…

PJC lists a “top ten” things that he came away with after reading Brian’s book which are (mostly) good reminders.

Sort of gives the “other side” of the whole EmergENT deal…