One of the blogs I read to keep abreast of ECM thought is (and you’re going to love the name of this) “Open Source Theology,” subtitled “collaborative theology for the emerging church.” Some of the stuff on the blog is downright good and helpful… a lot of it gives me a hearty, head-shaking chuckle.

Here’s one: It’s an older post (Nov. 28th 2006), but it takes me a while to get through these to make sure I’m “getting it.” The post is titled, “Left Behind: Eternal Forces Video Game Petition.” (Note: The JPEG included in this post is not a screenshot of the cover of that particular game; it’s just a graphic that I have in my library that I thought was incredibly funny the first time I saw it.) Now, the blogpost author posits the question (in a nutshell), “Nice idea, but wouldn’t protesting this game just further alienate us progressive Christians (their term)? Would it be better to just ignore it?”

Now, before we go any further: I really really really really really really really really think the game in question was an abysmally bad idea. Though I’ve never played it, it seems at least to exalt violence, which even during the Tribulation is not an option for believers. Plus, why would I ever want to play the part of someone who’s on the “Tribulation Force” in the first place? …that’d mean I’d have missed the Rapture.

Another thing I could never figure out with the marketing dudes who pushed the “Tribulation Force” apparel and such. But I digress.

Back to the point of this blogpost.

What makes this article so endearingly amusing is to read the author’s eschatology offered in brief at the end… and then the comments! Those are gems! The irony of a veritable host of ECMmers commenting on the “bad theology” of us iggnit’, nukkle-draggin’ dispensationalists is positively delicious.

Anyway, if you’re interested, there you go.