Chad Mhyre, over at simplemindedpreacher hooked me onto Performancing, a Firefox extension which is an über-cool tool for bloggers. Essentially, opens an in-tab, context-linked window for creating blogposts. To quote (i.e., steal) from Chad’s blogpost:

If you blog.. you need PERFORMANCING. It’s an add-on to Firefox.. (if you don’t use Firefox… I can’t help you.. you have bigger problems).. Some blogging-types have to sign into their blog-host.. navigate through their controls.. bring up the “post/write” page.. and finally, they are ready to blog..

By the time you do all that.. you’ve probably lost inspiration..

All I have to do.. is click on a little symbol at the bottom of my screen, and this window…. (the one I’m typing in now).. pops up. From here, I can enter different blog accounts.. and have instant access to blog on one of them, or all of them.. with the same, or w/different posts.. It also imports all my categories.. allows me to add tags to Technorati and gives me different “ping” options.. allows me to html edit.. easy link and photo upload options.. color and text size.. and.. keeps a history of all my latest posts.. making it easy to bring them back up, edit them, and publish them as an edit.

There’s more to it than that.. but.. that’s cool enough.
here’s a link:

I’d like to add a hearty “yee-haaaaaaa” to Chad’s sentiments. I’m plunking this blogpost away in a Performancing window as my very first “live trial,” and I love it.

If you’re blogging, you need this.