The dudes at the Sign of Jonah strike again. The blogpost Top Ten Most Dangerous Teachers is a very interesting list of the top ten theological nut-jobs that the SOJ readers nominated (…anointed…?) for the title.

I can’t think of a single one that’s on the list that I don’t think should be. I of course would have added some of my own…

In no particular order (except perhaps #1):

  1. Rob Bell
    • Mr. Velvet Elvis himself

  2. Scott McKnight
    • Mr. I-Never-Met-An-Absolute-Truth-That-I-Did-Like, claims not to be a liberal then promptly expounds upon liberal concepts (both theological and political) while sparing few words lighting into us iggnit’ theological conservatives…
    • Dangerous because he claims to be “not liberal” and has wound up becoming quite influential among the current batch of Emerging/Emergent pastors and… beyond

  3. “Pastor” Fred Phelps
    • The “God Hates Fags” wingnut who has taken to protesting the funerals of American soldiers.
    • His websites favicon is an upside-down American flag.
    • Look, I’m not one to argue in favor of the “just war” theory; but come on

  4. Berten Waggoner
    • Lady pastors. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Andy Stanley
    • “One Point Preaching.
    • I believe it was Nathaniel Van Cleave who said, “sermonettes for Christianettes.” He was the Bible college teacher who heavily influenced Chuck Smith
    • OPP is a recipe for disaster as it trains God’s people to become relatively satisfied with as little of the Word as possible. And it’s a very popular book/concept; even many Calvary pastors are jumping on the OPP bandwagon. The end is near.

  6. George Eldon Ladd
    • Ladd’s works on the Kingdom are the de facto eschatological underpinning of the overwhelming majority of the ECM. Even theological conservatives like Driscoll pour out oblations at the altar of Laddian eschatology.

There’s more, but it’s Friday, and Sunday’s a-comin’.

Oh, that brings up Tony Campolo.

Anyway, I have to head to the hospital, and then try to grab some sleep; tomorrow’s going to be a very full day, and I still need to get to serious studying for Sunday…

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