John MacArthur is blogging a series on the ECM which adds some important perpspective to the… ah… conversation… ahem.

In his latest entry (part 3), he states:

In the first place, I object to the implications of the word emerging. This movement is not some beautiful new butterfly coming out of a cocoon. Although people in this movement sometimes claim to represent the next great step forward after the failure of modernism, my assessment would be that what we are really seeing here is the collective dying gasp of every major modernist idea evangelicals and fundamentalists have stood against for the past century and a half.

Very interesting, and actually something that I myself have been suspecting (at least on the more liberal MacLaren/Bell/McKnight/Jones/et. al. side of the ECM).

MacArthur doesn’t claim to be unbiased, impartial, or even marginally friendly to the ECM, so read the posts with that in mind… but a worthy entry into the “dialog” from an evangelical/fundamentalist perspective.