My poor Epiphone wasn’t sounding too good no more no how. A few years back, some of the guys in the fellowship bought her for me, when I was first learning how to play. And I played her; so much so that now a few years later, there was tremendous wearing of the fretboard, fretwires were deeply worn, the nut and saddle were in sorry shape, and as a result of all of it I was experiencing fret buzz and snapped strings (I went through two sets of strings a month – all because my strings would snap in the middle of worship, which is both embarassing and distruptive of worship).

Enter Ron.

Ron started working for the company I also work for about a month ago, and he overheard me talking with Fred (one of the four owners of the company, who leads worship at his church) about my poor git-fiddle and my string snapping woes. He mentioned that he’s a luthier, and that he’d give my guitar a thorough going-over and bring it to better than factory specs.

He certainly did that!

My guitar – which I’ve always been thankful for, but never thought of as more than a “I own this because I can’t afford a Washburn” thing, now plays like butter. Sweeeeeeeet…

I’d like to officially recommend Ron the Luthier for any and all luthier needs.

You can reach him at