Anybody who gets theological liberals all in a tizzy pretty much instantly becomes one of my personal heroes. And the more I learn about the EmergENT side of the “Emerging/Emergent Church Movement,” the more easy it becomes to recognize it for the hastily/haphazardly repackaged liberalism that it is. It’s “hep cat yo dog g-money” liberalism, as opposed to the more “zzzzzzzzzzzzzz” liberalism of the intellectual elites. But it’s still liberalism.

So when Driscoll’s latest post got the EmergENT-types’ collective undershorts all in a bunch, my esteem for the guy shot several floors up.

I still have reservations about Driscoll (see [1], [2], [3], [4], and [5], along with the fact that he blankety-blank uses blip-blip-blank inappropriate bleeping blankety-blip-blank language at times… plus he’s a stark-raving pinko-commie Calvinist…), but overall I’m starting to like him more and more…

…in a very non-metro sort of way, of course.