Bob Coy spoke at the recent Midwest Pastors’ Conference; I think you can
order the DVDs of the conference from CC Crawfordsville…

I was very blessed by Bob’s sessions. As sort of a “preview of coming attractions” for those who order the DVDs, I’m uploading my notes I took during his sessions…

2006 Midwest Conference
Session 4
Bob Coy

  1. We are in this to win
    1. Prov., “he “who wins souls is wise…”
  2. “…the face of somebody I lost, somebody the devil has had his way with.”
  3. We are in competition with the devil…
  4. Walkman… to iPod
    1. the method has changed, but the message has not.
  5. John 1:19-23 -> our call
  6. I am not the Christ.
  7. Am I okay with being one crying voice?
  8. Home stereo…
  9. You don’t answer the call to get stuff… you answer it to be one crying
  10. Our Cause: to bring people to repentance.
  11. Repentance must be a part of the message.
  12. The truth will set you/them free… so give them the truth.
  13. Who are we to tell the world how to live if we won’t live it…?
  14. Mark 6:24 -> Stay the Course
    1. even if you loose your head.
  15. Staying the course is a vital part of our message.
  16. Matthew 28:18 -> He didn’t separate the doubters! He called them all to make disciples
    1. He knows that when you do ministry, all doubts are dispelled.
  17. Having better stuff doesn’t make ministry better.
  18. Keep on doing ministry! Keep on keeping on!
  19. God honors those who honor Him.