Okay, having mulled the whole Creationist thing last night while working on our brand spanking new (to us) small yet tiny house to get it ready for move-in, I thought I’d kick off the day’s festivities by citing a few articles which highlight the superb scholarship of Creationist scientists engaged in the study of the age of the universe and correctly choosing to self-consciously interpret science through the lens of Scripture rather than the reverse (ahem… Hugh Ross, et al).

Just a small, small sampling. ICR (and Answers in Genesis and other Creation Science organizations and networks) have done a superb job of lending the lie to the calumny that Creationists are iggnit’ knuckle-dragging droop-jawed flat-earthers, and that all real science has proven that the earth is (start: Carl Sagan voice) billions and billions (end: Carl Sagan voice) of years old, and that it’s only scandalized-minded evangelical dolts and other inbred doofuses who take the opening chapters of the Bible at face value.