So we had our first youth night in over a year. There was a lot of interest in doing it, a lot of excitement leading up to it… but lots of spiritual warfare. In the week leading up to youth night, and the day of, lots of things came up that kept many families away… and it was a little odd at first having a youth night where the adults outnumbered the youth by a factor of just over 2:1… but God was in it, and we were all very blessed.

Chuck Wiltshire shared from the Word a good exhortation to “get in the Word!”

Then we burned stuff.

Much fun.

chuck teaching at youth night 1

Chuck sharing from the Word…

''bonfire'' 1

…take ’em to the mattresses…

''bonfire'' 2

…more of the mattresses…

''bonfire'' 3

The fires grow…

''bonfire'' 4

Reba likes the fire…

''bonfire'' 5

…and the fire likes Reba.

''bonfire'' 6

Joseph gets a wee tad close…

''bonfire'' 8

Larry, Master of Fire and Flame